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Innovative Solutions to Move Your Business Forward aims at:

  • Remaining Independent from local and international sources of capital and service providers, in order to provide the best possible solutions;
  • Harnessing established and nurturing further International networks of professionals;
  • Offering Inexhaustible solutions to clients, as the complexity of business increases. cooperates with:

  • Internationally renowned legal and accounting firms
  • Ensuring best quality and efficiency in project realization.

Our Team

In our team we have knowledge of more than 60 years of ship and finance expertise. Our team offers specific knowledge in the fields of

  • maritime finance (financing experts with a strong track record in debt and portfolio management incl. restructuring of shipping and corporate loans)
  • maritime regulations (we have a permanent IMO representative in the team, supporting in all regulatory questions e.g. ESG),
  • maritime technology (one of our team members is a naval architect),
  • legal knowledge (a lawyer in our team supports regarding all questions referring to maritime finance questions, regulatory changes in the field of greening and finance)
  • fund portfolio management (besides the licenses, we have the knowledge and network for capital raising)

Besides, we collaborate with internationally renowned legal and maritime experts, ensuring the highest quality and efficiency in project realization. This partnership approach underpins our commitment to delivering excellence across every facet of our operations.

Our Cooperations

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