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Maritime Expertise and solutions team possesses extensive experiences in the maritime industry. delivers own content in maritime fields, contributes in policy development and is engaged in advanced greening projects. can assist investors and shipping companies in all issues related to ships as asset-class, with a focus on finance, greening, and business growth.

Decarbonization and greening expertise understands decarbonization and the greening effort as follows:

The Need
  • To reduce consumption of fuel and CO2 emissions (greening)
  • To compete with modern tonnage that performs better

The Solution
  • Hybridization of the energy sources onboard is the solution. Hybridization means the combination of technologies, such as diesel-electric, batteries, wind-assisted propulsion, carbon capturing, etc.
  • Why is hybridization the ‘answer’? because alternative fuels, such as methanol, ammonia, etc. do not provide ‘global’ solutions, while hydrogen technologies are not commercially available yet.

Our Services
  • Different ships – different needs ↔ different owners – different decisions
  • Technical and Environmental analysis of hybridization options (diverse configurations); results in:
    • Decision-support in technology selection
    • Financial assessment of technical and operational options
    • Environmental assessment of technical and operational options
    • Technical and financial considerations – risks
    • Makers’ list per configuration
    • Estimated cost of retrofit and potential yards

Why selecting us?
  • Independent → no interest to promote any technology or supplier
  • Expertise in greening
  • Access to potential sources of finance
  • Access to technology providers
  • Access to retrofit/repair/installation teams and yards supports the efforts of IWSA